Friday, December 7, 2012

Food Stamp Challenge Day 4

Alright, I admit it.
I stink at taking pictures of what I eat.
I'm a grab and go person I guess.

Anyhoo Day Four of the Food Stamp Challenge:

Breakfast: 1 cheese stick (.39 different brand)

Total Breakfast .39

Lunch: 1 slice deli turkey sample from publix
1 slice american cheese from publix (sample too) 
1 slice asiago sample (sample)
1 cranberry juice bottle (1.00, mini bottle)

Lunch total: 1$

Dinner, 1 slice Digiorno Pizza (left over from yesterday) .50
3 Glasses water with lemon wedge .24

Dinner total .74

Snack: 1/2 cup natural canned corn, no salt added. -** .20
***I actually got these for .10 cents a can because of couponing, but I will use shelf price for this purpose

Butter pat for corn .20

Snack total: .40

Daily Total 2.33

This is a lot harder than I thought.

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