Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Food Stamp Challenge Day 3

A lot of people taking this challenge are doing 35$ or so a week, per person in their household.
I am trying to keep it to a collective total of less than 70$ for the month, which is 4x the minimum food stamp benefit, or 17.50 for the week.
I'm actually using what I have on hand, which kind of goes against the rules of the challenge, but for my health needs its necessary, and I will try to keep it under 17.50 for the week.

I actually made a reflection video and its converting on youtube right now, I'll post it when its done.

I took pictures, Blogger hates me and keeps auto deleting them from my post.. I'll have to work around that in the next few hours. :)

So todays meals:

Breakfast : 1 8 oz glass orange juice (.22 cents a glass)
                1 scrambled egg with a sprinkle of shredded cheese (11 cents an egg, 25 cents per ounce of cheese, I had maybe 1/4 an oz, so I'll say 7 cents) 
                1/2 oz shredded chicken breast (left over from yesterday) about 9 cents (its 17.2 cents an ounce)
                 1 romaine lettuce leaf wrapped around the chicken (i'll say 4 cents I have no idea..)
                 1 packet of light mayo I got from Chick Fil-A-- free

Total Breakfast: 1.34

Lunch: Glass of water with lemon wedge (8 cents)
          1 light cheese stick (.17)

Lunch Total: .25 cents

Dinner: Slice of pizza, Digiorno (its been in my freezer for ages) .50 (whole pizza was 4$)
Glass of water with lemon wedge and ice 8 cents
Dinner: .58

Snack 1  one hard boiled egg 11 cents
snack 2 lettuce tuna cup (1 leaf lettuce, 1 oz tuna) .16 cents (.59 cent tuna per 5 oz) with mayo packet from Chick Fil-A (free)

Snack total: .27 cents

Daily total: 2.44

I'm actually hungry now, but I've already spent just about as much as I can today. :(

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