Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Food Stamp Challenge Day 2

So I'm a bit of a slacker with the updates.. I've been busy. I had a biopsy of my right foot last night and although it really didn't hurt when they did it (thank you Lidocaine!) its horrifically painful now, so the idea of getting up to do anything involving pressure on my foot is just unbearable.

Anyhoo I posted my purchases online and got ripped apart (or people attempted to)

Let me clear some things up:

1) I am allergic to: Wheat, yeast, eggs, milk, seafood, onions, apple JUICE, grape JUICE and horseradish.

My lapband cannot tolerate: dense carb foods (like bagels, muffins) green beans (I also despise these) thick cuts of meat or stringy meats, rolls, rice, carrots and on the rare occasion pudding/jello.
Some days I MUST do all liquids because NOTHING will go through. Just the way the band is.

Anyhoo, I do not have a 'I touched the tuna I'm going to die' allergy anymore. As a child I would break out in hives, wheeze and at least once (for unknown reasons) went intoshock and had to go to the ER after using an EpiPen.

After 15+ years of eating tiny bits of these foods, I can usually tolerate them in small amounts.
I can eat a hard boiled egg today, but if I eat two, I will get itchy. Three, rash or hives.

Same with wheat.
I avoid apple juice and grape juice 100%. I avoid onion and horseradish, because they make me violently ill and not in a hives kind of way. (I can eat apples and grapes no problem though)

So now that thats cleared up some what...

I purchased:

One bottle of store brand light ranch dressing (1.29)
1 Bag garlic & cheese croutons (1.19)
3lbs boneless skinless chicken breast (5.99)
1 dozen eggs (1.19/dozen)
1 bag of romaine lettuce (it came to about 3lbs) 1.99
1 oz bag of light shredded cheddar 1.99
1 lemon, .23
13.97 + Tennessees ridiculous 7.5% food tax.

That will feed me for a week, of 3 meals. I supplement with liquid protein that was given to me (the local food pantry got a box of single serve packets, no one else wanted them, they taste like brownie batter!) which I equate to .35 a serving.

I drink water, which is free as its included in my rent.

The lemon is just for adding to my water, I like to mix it up.

That one weeks worth of food, with almost no variety is almost the entire minimum monthly benefit for someone on food stamps.

Have anything planned?

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