Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Marijuana in Tennesse

Marijuana is a plant. A good one at that.
Its the only 'drug' I've found that alleviates ALL of my symptoms. Period.
Do I smoke it? No, for two main reasons:
1. Its impossible to find, I don't know anyone here and I suck at making new friends (hello depersonalization) so that leaves me high and dry.
2. Its illegal here in Tennessee.

I used to think anyone that smoked was a dirty hippie, belonged in jail and deserved to have their lives ruined by a criminal record.

My life changed in August 2010.  

I can't say much more on that, except that if you agree, contact your local legislators, and TELL THEM!
I do, every week or so.

Tennessee ALMOST passed legal medical cannabis, but withdrew the bill in Mid 2012.
Shame on you Tennessee.

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