Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dental Care

I haven't been around much for a variety of reasons.

TennCare is trying to cause bullshit with Medicare.. and I'm in the middle. 

Also, my wisdom teeth are coming in and are infected and incredibly painful.

I spent Tuesday from 5 am to 5 pm at a walk in dental clinic where I was not seen due to their xray machine not working.  I spent Wednesday from 7-10 trying to get in (their power went out during my appointment) and between 12-2 at my lapband doctor. Then 2-5 back at the dentist, where I was told they are impacted and I need to see an oral surgeon.

Cost? Any where from 400$-1000$ per tooth, not including anesthesia or follow up care.

Neither TennCare, nor Medicare provide ANY dental, vision or hearing benefits. Period.

So.. I'm fucked.

I'm out of ideas unfortunately.

Also, my lapband is now again 100% empty and I still cant eat more than water most times, and half the time not even that. The doctor is convinced its not my band causing these problems.. I disagree. So I'm now scheduled for gall bladder testing at the ass crack of dawn on Wednesday, which I'm sure will be normal.

I'll update when I'm not ready to die from pain.

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