Saturday, November 17, 2012

An Update on Life

I am long, long overdue to update the details of this.

I am not 'homeless' per say anymore. Well for now.

I got an apartment, with a lease and all at the end of July and moved in August. The ONLY reason I was able to do this, is Social Security pulled their heads out of their butts and FINALLY approved me for DAC and SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) in early July.

I had been receiving SSI for many years, but due to my mothers filing for retirement in 2010, an automatic review was done, which included applications for benefits under SSDI and DAC.

This approval letter meant my income was going to go up.. a lot. Well a lot to me. It was to increase by 62%.. but not for at least 120 days.

I convinced my adoptive mother to 'loan' me the money, the difference between benefit amounts each month, so I could pay rent on a tiny crappy apartment.

She agreed. (I have since paid her back almost 3k by the way, I wrote that check tuesday :) )

This place sucks, its a brand new complex filled with idiots, rowdy college kids puking off balconies at 3 am (even right now)  and they do NOT keep up with the place, but its a place to live!

All utilities are included in the rent for the most part, so at least I know a generally consistent number that I have to pay, even if it is 54% of my income.

My little dog and my cat are both back and happy, although *I* hate living on a third floor walk up and having to walk my dog 5 times a day (I wonder if this is an ADA thing, I didnt get to pick which apartment and I do have handicapped parking for mobility issues) and we are all generally ok.

I have decided it is in my best financial and medical interests to leave this state and move back to one with better benefits and a system that does NOT have its head up its butt (I'll touch on this in the next post) which for now is probably Pennsylvania.

I am simultaneously horrified and excited at the same time. I do not like change, and although I may hate the way this state conducts itself and treats its  neediest citizens, I have become accustomed to the area I live in , as well as the people and oddly enough, the presence of the US Army.

Im not really sure when I will move, or where I will move to if at all, there are many variables (like finding suitable housing that does not mind my cat/dog, being near a medical center that can meet my needs, financially moving all my crap back up there..) but I'm working on it.

All and all things are alright. Not perfect but alright.

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